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Consulting services for implementation of training activities for ADF key training staff

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
399,980 €
Value of services: 
399,980 €
Start of project: 
April, 2016
End of project: 
October, 2017
Project description: 

The ‘Social Investment Fund IV’ is an open programme consisting of a transport and a water component. The water component aimed at the provision of reliable and hygienically safe water supply – and wastewater disposal if applicable – at O&M cost covering and socially acceptable tariffs to selected villages in the programme region. The overall goal was to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the rural population in selected rural areas of Northern Albania. The programme regions were the Qarks (regions) of Shkodra, Dibra and Kukës. The programme measures comprised the rehabilitation and new construction of water supply systems. Under the water component, 15 water schemes in the regions of Shkodër, Kukës and Dibër were under implementation. Beneficiaries of the measure were some 20,000 citizens in smaller communes and villages.

The training activities aimed at the training of ADF’s key staff (train the trainer - ToT) to enable them to train operators of the participating communes in order to secure the sustainable operation and the maintenance of the investments within SIF IV. During the consultant’s assignment, the consultant for implementing the investment measures or other experts and advisors could provide services to ADF or other local authorities. It was the duty of the consultant to meet and co-ordinate his work with the activities of these other experts and advisers relevant to the project.

The training consultancy services encompass revision of existing training material/manuals including specific needs to ToT, elaboration of training needs assessment report and detailed training plan, update and modification of the existing training material, theoretical trainings and on-the-job trainings and study tours.

Service description: 
  • Revision of existing training material / manuals including specific needs to training of trainers (ToT)

Stakeholder Meetings, review of necessary fields of training of the local water entities participating in the programme based on information of ADF and the Implementation Consultant and other Stakeholders, assessment of current training skills of ADF staff against the necessary training to the service providers, under consideration of the technical and pedagogical capacity, identification of ADF’s available key staff to be trained, evaluation of specific needs to train the trainers, assessment and review of available manuals and training material, Internal Workshop I

  • Elaboration of training needs assessment report and detailed training plan

Preparation of a priority training list for ADF, evaluation of training fields required for sustainable operation of local water service providers in technical and financial terms, evaluation on the status of the training capacities of ADF’s available key training staff, proposal of trainings to be performed for each person/position of ADF’s key training staff, preparation of a training schedule, recommendation to hire external experts on demand, development of Monitoring System to measure training success, development of documentation template of training session, TNA and Training Plan, Internal Workshop II

  • Update and modification of the existing training material and preparation of additional material where needed

Updating and modification of training material / manuals, elaboration of training material and manuals for other fields of training

  • Theoretical Trainings and On-the-job trainings to use the acquired knowledge

Design and delivery of theoretical trainings, organisation and implementation of selected on-the-job trainings in local communes participating in the investment phase, evaluation of trainings done, final adjustment of training material and manuals based on assessment, by the Consultant, of ADF staff performance and on water operator (trainees) feedback

  • Organisation of study tours

(2 regional study tours, 1 central European study tour)