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Energy efficiency for sustainable urban development

Project details
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
1,090,114 €
Value of services: 
1,090,114 €
Start of project: 
September, 2017
End of project: 
November, 2021
Project description: 

The national housing construction plan assumes that the economic and demographic development will require around 1.5 million per year new homes until 2023. For this reason, the state is investing heavily expanding its social housing offer, as part of the housing subsidy programme Minha Casa, Minha Vida (“My house, my life”), MCMV. This programme, which aims to improve the prerequisites for developing energy efficiency potentials in social housing construction, covers three areas of intervention:

  1. Integration of energy efficiency requirements into funding guidelines;
  2. Development of new or adapted methods, procedures and instruments for planning, implementation and monitoring of the housing programme; and
  3. Strengthening the knowledge base and providing information.
Service description: 

The project entails four core processes:

1. Assessment of information and training needs as well as stakeholder analysis

  • Evaluation of the current status and of the measures carried out in a thematic context with the project objective, including definition of the target regions.
  • Analysis of target groups and actors with a description of the training needs

2. Selection of training institutions, development of an information and training concept and establishment of the knowledge platform

  • Cooperation agreements with further education institutions that have been agreed with the Counterpart.
  • Information and training concept for key players.

3. Development of information and training materials

  • Information and training materials tailored to the respective target groups to the training institutions for training courses and the Ministry of Urban Affairs for the knowledge platform.
  • Handbook for the construction and financing of EE multi-family homes for social housing in Brazil.
  • Implementation plan for the respective training courses for specialists and multipliers.

4. Implementing measures and monitoring the practical application of the new knowledge

  • Advice to key players and decision-makers with in-depth expertise.
  • Provision of training to practitioners of the training institutions.
  • Advice to the active use of the knowledge platform.
  • Follow-up on the articulation of "Communities of Practice".

The consultancy services focus on the field of action 3 (Strengthening the knowledge base and providing information). The goal of this field is to shape the necessary discussion and coordination processes more objectively and quickly by strengthening capabilities and skills of experts and managers of key actors (such as ministries, banks, municipal associations, planning and building authorities) dealing with these programmes.

Additionally, and more importantly, the aim is to apply and implement the new, innovative knowledge in practice, by institutionalizing it via conceptualization of training courses and agreements with training institutions.

The thematic focal points in the field of action are: energy efficiency in buildings, preparation of knowledge, support to pilot measures, conception and implementation of training measures.