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Financial cooperation component of the implementation of the New Housing NAMA Programme

Project details
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
910,524 €
Value of services: 
910,524 €
Start of project: 
November, 2016
End of project: 
November, 2019
Project description: 

The financial cooperation component of NAMA Facility project consists in a package of financial incentives and technical assistance for financial intermediaries and small- and medium-sized housing developers during the selection, design, planning, implementation and verification process of the financed houses.

Through the project 11,000 houses will be financed wherewith it expects to reduce at least 20% of CO2 emissions with regard to the baseline reference.

Financial investment grants through the NAMA Facility’s financial cooperation component are designated to mitigate partially the additional investment in energy efficiency measures and eco technologies applied to achieve the expected reduction of carbon emissions.

The association of companies GOPA Consultants (Infrastructure Development Department) with the subcontractors Passivhaus Institut and INHAB were in charge of the strategic, methodological and technical advice also give support to Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal, S.N.C. (SHF), and in particular the area of Deputy General Directorate of Business Promotion, in the implementation of the financial cooperation component of NAMA Facility project.

Service description: 
  • Update the implementation plan;
  • Elaboration of a financial analysis that contemplates a panorama of additional costs of energy efficiency measures and selected eco technologies based on a benchmark;
  • Determine the operation rules of the project including grant allocation issues and disbursement mechanisms;
  • Eligibility criteria definition;
  • Identification and incorporation of housing developers;
  • Provide individual advice for housing developers;
  • Evaluation of projects and elaboration of implementation and investment plan for energy efficiency measures;
  • Financial support agreements with housing developers;
  • In situ visits and supervision for the proper implementation of eco technologies;
  • Provide individual advice for financial intermediaries; and
  • Monitoring of individual housing results indicator.

The poject’s ultimate objective is to contribute to the New Housing NAMA objectives by expanding the penetration of basic efficiency standards into Mexico's new housing market, bringing energy efficiency standards to the most ambitious levels. The specific objective is to facilitate the progressive incorporation of small- and medium-sized housing developers in the low carbon emissions housing market. Eliminating investment barriers and improving access to financing for construction, thereby, contributing to the development of a sustainable market for efficiency energy houses in Mexico.