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German Credit Facility to assist the return of IDPs in Iraq (GCFI) – “Quick wins consultancy roads & bridges”

Project details
Associated enterprises: 
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
186,929 €
Value of services: 
100,942 €
Start of project: 
October, 2017
End of project: 
January, 2018
Project background: 

Rebuilding territories liberated from terrorist activities constitutes a priority to the Iraqi government as part of its overall objective of long-term recovery and stabilisation. Going beyond the facilitation of internally displaced persons' (IDP) returns, effective restoration of public basic service delivery is essential in order to prevent distributional conflicts in areas of high return, to re-establish meaningful state presence in liberated territories and to contribute to constructive state society relations in areas previously under terrorist control. The Iraqi province of Nineveh and it’s capital Mosul faced severe challenges during the last years: transport infrastructures, roads and bridges are partially destroyed causing major disruptions in communications and supply routes.

Service description: 

Preparatory analysis (2 weeks)

  • Review of particularly relevant “Quick Win” projects in Nineveh Governorate;
  • Brief definition of target community & collection of available data;
  • Preliminary assessment of infrastructure condition based data by MoCH;
  • Definition of appropriate investment schedules and procurement packages; and
  • Summarising relevant regulatory and institutional framework conditions.

Field missions and interviews Baghdad (3 missions, 3 weeks in total);

  • Kick-off Meeting with MoCHPM, Gov. representatives, Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations (ReFAATO) and KfW Development Bank;
  • Meetings with relevant stakeholders to identify target communities;
  • Interviews with key players for the local market, coordination with executing agencies and other relevant stakeholders of existing similar projects;
  • Presentation of preliminary mission results in Bagdad; and
  • On-site inspection of infrastructures (if the security situation allows).

Results analysis & elaboration of proposals (3 weeks)

  • Analysis of information, ranking and proposal of suitable beneficiaries;
  • Analysis of different investment alternatives; proposal of suitable investments for the selected beneficiaries;
  • Assessment and proposal of appropriate organizational set-up for the executing agency;
  • Implementation plan for a first phase (Quick Win) and a second phase procurement process;
  • Presentation of results and recommended investments
  • Incorporation of comments from stakeholders into; and
  • Elaborate Mission report & results analysis incorporating comments from stakeholders.

Consultant support to MoCH during tendering (3 weeks intermittent missions)

  • Preparation of standard tender documents & contracts for approval by KfW;
  • Support on Preparation of the work description for the roads and bridges;
  • Definition at preliminary design stage of the rehabilitation solution for bridges;
  • Support on preparation of technical specifications, BoQ, cost estimates, tender documents and an Environmental and Social Management Plan;
  • Documentation of the clarification rounds and support on evaluation of proposals;
  • Request for KfW no objection on technical and financial evaluation reports; and
  • Support on edition of FIDIC bases contracts.All services are to be described.

Overall objective: To ensure that liberated territories in Nineveh Governorate, especially Mosul and surrounding areas, will see their strategic road communications restored.

Specific objective: To support the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities (MoCHPM) in defining the project approach for the first phase (Quick Win) and a second phase of an investment programme.


Results to be achieved:

  • Identifying projects/ target communities;
  • Identifying suitable types of investment measures;
  • Identifying viable implementation structures & processes; and
  • Support the Procurement of the Rehabilitation Works, including Tender Documents preparation, clarification rounds, proposals evaluation and final edition of contracts for a first phase (Quick Win).