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Improvement of primary school education

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
3,309,788 €
Value of services: 
3,309,788 €
Start of project: 
February, 2017
End of project: 
April, 2023
Project description: 

The project consists of three components:

  1. Construction of classrooms, hostels for student teachers, teacher houses, latrines, administration space, as well as emergancy rehabilitation of existing facilities and the provision of furniture / equipment at TPSs – thereby increasing the national inventory of educational infrastructure.
  2. Rehabilitation of water supply, the sewage system and the sanitary facilities in selected TTCs.
  3. Consultancy services to support project implementation.

Construction measures at TPSs will be based on identified needs and given criteria and comprise:

  • Construction of new classrooms and of hostels for students teachers;
  • Construction of new latrines and water supply systems;
  • Construction of new houses for teachers;
  • Construction of new administration buildings;
  • Emergency rehabilitation of existing facilities; and
  • Procurement of furniture.

At TTCs rehabilitation measures of the most dilapidated facilities comprise of:

  • Water supply; and
  • Sewage system and sanitary facilities.
Service description: 
  • Design and construction activities including:
  1. Master plan development.
  2. Detailed assessment of existing buildings at TPSs.
  3. Design of rehabilitation measures of water supply, wastewater and sanitary improvement of TTCs.
  4. Architectural, structural and engineering design for the rehabilitation and/or extension of the school facilities (classrooms / dormitories etc.), including the detailed design of the required technical infrastructure.
  5. Elaboration of cost estimates and schedules of the works.
  6. Preparation of tender documents, tendering, bid evaluation, award of contracts for the works.
  7. Site supervision of the works and construction material quality as well as close construction contract monitoring and management, verification and approval of change order requests; related technical proposals.
  8. Issuing of provisional and final acceptance certificates
  9. Supervision of contractor’s remediation of defects.
  • Supply of furniture and equipment
  • Further support to the PEA
  1. Preparation of an operation and maintenance concept for each TTC and TPS including training measures for the college and the school staff.
  2. Overall management responsibility for all services.
  • Monitoring and reporting.

The project aims at enhancing the quality of primary education by improving the learning environment of the student teachers in selected Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) and in selected Teaching Practice Schools (TPSs). At the same time, the project also improves the learning environment of pupils and the teaching environment of teachers in TPSs.