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Medium cities decentralization programme in Cameroon (PDVM-FEICOM)

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Associated enterprises: 
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
2,821,317 €
Value of services: 
1,833,856 €
Start of project: 
March, 2014
End of project: 
March, 2020
Project description: 

The program consisted of the following three components:

  1. Financing of sub-projects in the selected medium-sized cities (grants or partial loans). The sub-projects (markets, bus stations, AEP, solar electrification, valley sanitation development) had to ensure proper commissioning and long-term maintenance of the structures, and where appropriate, public-private partnerships.
  2. Assistance to medium-sized cities in sub-project planning, project management, improvement of revenue generation and collection, maintenance and sustainable management of infrastructure, as well as financial management and pilot measures to improve transparency and citizen participation.
  3. Advisory support services provided to FEICOM through the development of management tools and funding mechanisms as well as the strengthening of FEICOM regional agencies.
Service description: 

Assist FEICOM in the implementation of the programme, including:

  • Elaboration of a manual of procedures for the PDVM-FEICOM;
  • Selection of beneficiary cities and infrastructure sub-projects;
  • Implementation of infrastructure sub-projects and support to cities (feasibility studies, technical studies, procurement, works supervision);
  • Financial management (disposition funds);
  • Improvement of FEICOM procedures and tools (e.g. funding modalities, monitoring and evaluation system); and
  • Participatory approach to project selection using the "Do No Harm" approach.

The overall objective of the programme was to contribute to the improvement of citizen participation options and population access to basic services in 4 regions (Far North, South West, West and Centre) through the effective implementation of decentralisation, as well as efficient administration of the State and local authorities.

The PDVM-FEICOM aimed to support the decentralization process, transparency and citizen participation in Cameroon and focused on the financing of economic and social infrastructure ("sub-projects"). Further objectives were the support of selected medium-sized cities in the process of implementing these investments, as well as the strengthening of the capacities of the Special Fund for Equipment and Intercommunal Intervention (FEICOM) to finance and support local development.