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« Programme d’Appui aux Collectivités Territoriales » (PACT), Phase IV and Phase V-I

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Associated enterprises: 
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
2,249,891 €
Value of services: 
1,394,932 €
Start of project: 
April, 2018
End of project: 
April, 2021
Project description: 

Since 2001, support for the decentralisation process, in particular for Territorial Communities (Collectivités Territoriales), has been a priority area for German-Malian bilateral cooperation. The Programme d'Appui aux Collectivités Territoriales (PACT) has been a joint operation of German Technical Cooperation (TC) through GIZ and German Financial Cooperation (FC) through KfW Development Bank since its inception. The support of the German FC is intended to finance public investments by local authorities throughout the country in order to improve the socio-economic conditions of the populations of the beneficiary local authorities, through the ANICT and the Fonds National d'Appui aux Collectivités Territoriales (FNACT).

PACT V represents the continuation of PACT I-III phases for the financing of economic and social infrastructure through FNACT, for the benefit of Mali's Territorial Communities.

The Consultant is responsible for the implementation of Component I of PACT V, i.e. TA to ANICT which is the manager of FNACT and the promoter of Component I of PACT V for the management of non-targeted FNACT co-financing and ANICT measures.

PACT IV has a different design. To better support the regions in their economic development and in the light of the 2012-2014 crisis, the ANICT and German FC have been reoriented in Phase IV, particularly with regard to the procedures for allocating (equalising) resources and making payments. PACT IV finances structuring economic infrastructure for the benefit of selected medium-sized cities (component I) and provides targeted support to Territorial Communities particularly affected by the crisis by financing infrastructure identified during the "municipal debates" (component II; DEBACOM). Component I extends to 4 cities, selected in the regions of Segou and Mopti and includes includes investment projects of approx. 1m EUR per city. Component II covers 10 municipalities in the Mopti and Timbuktu regions, financing smaller projects in the villages of these municipalities.

Overall project value

PACT IV:  1,241,049 EUR

PACT V-I: 1,008,842 EUR

Service description: 


  • Overall management of the implementation of the programmes according to the rules of German FC;
  • Financial management of PACTs through the two special accounts containing the PACT IV & V-I disposition funds;
  • Preparation of regular and specific reports in cooperation with ANICT; and
  • Monitoring of the project in consultation with ANICT, including the application of remote monitoring methods, if the security situation requires it.


  • Preparation of information to raise awareness among key partners in the new project;
  • Facilitation of the city selection process;
  • Consultation of the proposal for the distribution of funds;
  • Elaboration of a draft outline for the documents to be prepared by the various stakeholders;
  • Information meetings to inform beneficiaries;
  • Process for identifying priority investment projects (assistance to the Territorial Communities);
  • Preparation of project files (assistance to the Territorial Communities);
  • Validation of proposed investment packages & verification by files submitted by the Territorial Communities;
  • Preparation of administrative financing agreements between ANICT and beneficiary Territorial Communities;
  • Close support for TCs in the planning, implementation and management/maintenance of infrastructure projects;
  • Elaboration of standard ToRs and control of ToRs finalized by the Territorial Communities for studies and monitoring and control of worksites;
  • Recruitment of design offices (assistance to the Territorial Communities);
  • Close support and control of the process of preparing technical studies for the selected projects;
  • Association of decentralised technical services;
  • Development of the management and maintenance concept for the selected projects (assistance to the Territorial Communities);
  • Support and control to TCs as contracting authorities in all stages of procurement;
  • Close support for TCs & control of work achievements; and
  • Validation of service providers' invoices and support in the control of the disbursement of funds.


  • Improvement of the ANICT website;
  • Corrective actions concerning deficiencies discovered by CICT-FNACT (Component II of PACT V);
  • Identification of weak points in the MO and proposal of solutions; conflict management around FNACT investments discovered by CICT-FNACT; and
  • Collaboration and harmonisation of interventions with German technical cooperation and other TFPs co-financing FNACT.