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Rural Development Programme Phase IV/V & IATI - Implementation Consulting Services (IMC)

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Transport & Mobility
Project volume: 
3,183,736 €
Value of services: 
2,324,127 €
Start of project: 
May, 2018
End of project: 
November, 2021
Project description: 

The “Rural Development Programme” (RDP) is a German grant-funded development programme which aims at improving the condition and effectiveness of rural infrastructure in the Southern Shan State of The Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Funds have been earmarked for this project by the German bilateral Financial Cooperation, provided through KfW Development Bank. During project implementation also an additional component for Improvement of Agricultural Transport Infrastructure (IATI) was added to the programme.

The implementation measure consists of improvements to rural road network, including associated bridges, drainage structures, culverts and, to a lesser extent and only where feasible other infrastructure closely related to the rural roads. For the implementation measure (road rehabilitation measures, procurements and contingencies) the budget is EUR 25.1 million for the combined phases IV, V and IATI, from which EUR 10.1 million have been confirmed for Phase IV, EUR 10 million are allocated for Phase V and Euro 5 million are invested under IATI.

Service description: 
  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of rural roads (incl. DBST implementation) as well as construction of associated small scale civil works like bridges and culverts;
  • Spot improvements like bridges and culverts;
  • Screening of social and environmental impacts, selected social and environmental impact assessments;
  • Monitoring of economic and social project impacts, comprehensive baseline and post-construction surveys;
  • Systematic implementation of safety measures with the road rehabilitation design: road signage, traffic calming measures especially on village sections, following the MPWT standards;
  • Preparation and implementation of Environmental, Social, Health and Safety Framework and corresponding mitigation and management plans;
  • Preparation and supervision of implementation of HIV/AIDS and Road Safety Awareness along project roads;
  • New construction of associated infrastructure (e.g. pedestrian access, etc.); and
  • Project management and operation.

The programme objective is the improved access for the rural population in the project region from village to town centres and other villages, to schools, health centres, markets, places of employment and public administration through the sustainable utilisation of programme roads throughout the year as well as improved maintenance of rural roads. The overall objective is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of the project region.