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Sustainable transport for the City of Tbilisi

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Associated enterprises: 
Transport & Mobility
Project volume: 
219,222 €
Value of services: 
199,492 €
Start of project: 
September, 2019
End of project: 
March, 2020
Service description: 
  • Collate and consolidate road network information, the principle future mobility concept and infrastructure in the City of Tbilisi;
  • Identify and consolidate stakeholder requirements;
  • Determine the Area of Influence (AoI);
  • Verify and describe the principles for the operation of suburban rail and metro, high-capacity at-grade transit (BRT/LRT), bus and minibus networks, park & ride facilities;
  • Assess the viability of setting-up a car-free zone in Tbilisi’s old town;
  • Establish principal designs for a cycling network and its elements;
  • Establish and describe ITCS functional requirements and processes;
  • Determine the baselines for ITCS systems requirements, design and configuration;
  • Assess, prioritise and develop ITCS module requirements and assess the applicability of off-the-shelf hardware and software products;
  • Identify equipment locations together with their appropriate operating entities;
  • Estimate equipment quantities;
  • Outline a (modular/phased) implementation concept;
  • Outline an operation and maintenance concept;
  • Undertake environmental and social impact screening;
  • Assess principal requirements for capacity building and training;
  • Estimate investment and O&M costs; and
  • Undertake financial and economic analyses.

The overall objective of the project is to sustainably remodel the traffic demand and transport infrastructure utilisation in the City of Tbilisi in order to reduce traffic-induced air pollution and GHG emissions.

The project aims at ensuring that private and public transport are efficiently monitored and controlled through an intelligent traffic control system and that a significant share of the city’s growing mobility demand can be accommodated by public transport through providing attractive, safe, comfortable and accessible public transport services in trunk and key access corridors. Public transport is to be complemented by improved infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.

The purpose of this consultancy contract is to identify necessary investment, training and development measures for the design, implementation and operation of key components of public and non-motorized transport and particularly for the design, implementation and operation of a city-wide modular Intelligent Traffic Control System (ITCS). Upon the concluded identification, the Consultant shall elaborate the key aspects of feasibility, such as the technical conceptualisation, implementation strategy and schedule, investment and O&M cost estimates, financing and economics, as well as environmental and social issues.