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Technical and social project management within the framework of the water supply project in the Eastern region (PAEP Est)

Project details
Burkina Faso
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
1,586,698 €
Value of services: 
1,586,698 €
Start of project: 
December, 2017
End of project: 
December, 2021
Project description: 

The detailed design carried out on 43 centres indicate the following work:

  • 03 reservoirs of 20 m3
  • 11 reservoirs of 30 m3
  • 09 reservoirs of 40 m3
  • 10 reservoirs of 50 m3
  • 05 reservoirs of 60 m3
  • 02 reservoirs of 70 m3
  • 01 reservoirs of 90 m3
  • 83 solar panels
  • 11 generators
  • 1,650 ml electrical connections for the boreholes
  • 87 chlorination water treatment stations
  • 74 electrical pumps
  • 2,000 private connections
  • 301 new water points
  • 158 rehabilitated water points
  • 448,837 ml of new PVC pipes (DE63 to DE 200)
Service description: 
  • Geophysical implementation (dragging, tomography and electric drilling) and monitoring and control of new and rehabilitated boreholes
  • Quality assurance concerning the technical studies for the construction and extension of water supply systems (detailed design and tender documents)
  • Assistance in tendering
  • Supervision of contractors and control of works
  • Elaboration and implementation of ESMP
  • Socio-economic evaluation and monitoring and evaluation of indicators concerning the animation and socio-economic aspects
  • Accompanying measures, capacity and competence building in the municipalities; training of staff in operation
  • Management and maintenance of water supply systems
  • Hygiene promotion and sanitation

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Improve access to safe drinking water in the Eastern region in a sustainable way.
  2. Contribute to a sustainable and efficient management of the rural drinking water sector by participating in the capacity building of the actors.
  3. Support the clarification of the sectoral framework through the establishment of a regulatory system of the rural hydraulics sector.
  • Small Water Supply System (WSS): 15
  • Reinforcement of existing WSS: 15
  • New boreholes to be equipped with hand pumps: 40
  • Rehabilitation of hand pumps: 40

The expected results are:

  • Result 1: The populations of the semi-urban areas of the Eastern region have access to and use a sustainable and modern drinking water supply service
  • Result 2: Rural populations in the Eastern region have access to and use a sustainable drinking water supply service
  • Result 3: The capacities of the Regional Directorate (DREA) have increased and enable it to properly carry out all its mandates
  • Result 4: The operation of the Small Water Supply System (WSS) is monitored during the last year of project implementation and the lessons learned are capitalised and shared
  • Result 5: An operator (STEFI) is set up at the regional level