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Technical assistance for Ukraine municipal infrastructure programme preparation and implementation

Project details
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
2,285,160 €
Value of services: 
1,371,096 €
Start of project: 
December, 2019
End of project: 
June, 2022
Project background: 

The Ukraine Municipal Infrastructure Programme (UMIP) is a multi-sector investment programme that supports public infrastructure projects in medium and large municipalities that aim at protecting, rehabilitating and avoiding deterioration of municipal infrastructure. The programme targets investments in district heating utilities’ rehabilitation, energy efficiency in buildings, street lighting, water supply, wastewater and solid waste management.

For UMIP, the Government of Ukraine has appointed the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine (MRD) as the national level programme promoter. MRD is the central body of executive power, created on December 9, 2010 by reorganizing the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine and Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.

Service description: 

Inception phase

Analysis of existing situation and updated work plan for the project

Task 1: Update of existing feasibility studies

Update of the existing feasibility studies (FS) regarding EE in buildings: Chernigiv, Khmelnitsky, Zaporozhzhia and finalizing the FS EE in Ternopil and PL in Dnipro, if needed (tbd in Inception phase).

Task 2: Bankable feasibility studies

Development of bankable feasibility studies for two to max. three non-mature projects in project preparation phase: EE in Lutsk, PL in Kamyansk and EE in Kamyanske (tbd)

Task 3: ESMP (Environmental and Social Management Plan) and other plans

  • Assess, revise and finalize the first drafts developed by some of the PIUs and provide to PMSU for first revision and submission to the bank
  • Development of ESMP, not limited to an EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) plan, a waste management plan and a stakeholder engagement plan for all eight projects

Task 4: PIU support in the tender process and project management tasks

  • Preparation of the technical specifications and complete customized tender dossiers (based on sectoral standards within UMIP and project specific data acquired with the FS etc.)
  • Support the procurement process including preparation of project tender documents, based on the standard tender documents recommended by PMSU/MRD (UMIP Procurement Manual as per applicable EIB Guide for procurement), and assistance to the beneficiary throughout the tendering process until the selection of the contractor and contract preparation
  • Support the PIUs in Financial and Contract management.

Task 5: Capacity building and training for all eight projects

  • PIU competence diagnostics, personnel needs, capacity appraisal
  • Human resource and training needs assessment for PIUs
  • Conducting of on-the-job professional training in procurement, monitoring, finance and contract management and audit matters

The overall objective of the assignment is to bring selected projects to the required maturity and standards for further financing and implementation under the UMIP programme. Eight projects are planned to receive TA under this assignment, all of which are in the Energy Efficiency (EE) or public lighting (PL) sub-sectors.

The purpose (specific objectives) of the assignment is to provide TA in preparation of project documentation, tender documentation, procurement support and institutional capacity-building support to the Project Implementation Units (PIUs), established by the Final Beneficiaries for implementation of projects under UMIP.


The results of individual project interventions will be the project-related research and studies, analyses or services, largely related to infrastructure investments in the environment, energy and social infrastructure sectors. PIU operationalization, strengthening and personnel capacity building will be the medium of all TA provisions.

Specific deliverables will include sector/baseline studies, international standard bankable FS (update) and financial / economic analyses, environmental and social management plans, preliminary designs, budget estimations, procurement and implementation plans incl. the plans for financing, complete customized tender documents incl. technical specifications. Deliverables may also comprise the transfer of know-how in project development, project management and financing and reporting techniques to the Beneficiaries, to enhance the expertise and skills of local human resources within local authorities, municipalities, other.