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Vocational training programme Sinde

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Associated enterprises: 
Project volume: 
587,065 €
Value of services: 
293,533 €
Start of project: 
May, 2015
End of project: 
March, 2018
Project description: 

The project concerns the rehabilitation and extension of the Industrial Training Centre (ITC) in Sinde, the procurement of technical equipment and training material as well as consulting services. The project measures consist of procurement of machinery, training equipment and teaching material, and support to the PEA by an implementation consultant to be assigned through this tendering process.

Service description: 
  • Review of the detailed architectural and engineering design, tender drawings, technical specifications, bills of quantities, confidential cost estimate and tender documents for new workshop / multi-purpose buildings at ITC Sinde;
  • Monitoring/inspection of the construction progress with respect to the technical requirements of the buildings related to the equipment to be delivered/installed;
  • Review of the development plans, especially the school development plan;
  • Elaborate of detailed technical specifications and quantification of equipment;
  • Define initial and further user trainings for proper operation and maintenance of the equipment;
  • Support to the PEA during tendering, preparation of tender documents, evaluation of the bids, preparation of proposals for contract award;
  • Support during installation; and
  • Monitoring and updating time schedules, cost and disbursement plans.

The purpose of the project is the qualitative and quantitative improvement of vocational training at this school. Overall goal is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of Myanmar.