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Water Resources Management Programme V

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Associated enterprises: 
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
1,694,418 €
Value of services: 
508,325 €
Start of project: 
October, 2020
End of project: 
January, 2025
Project description: 

This project is being carried out by GOPA Infra in collaboration with our JV Partner GOPA Jordan LLC (a 100% subsidiary).

The rationale behind the project is to provide an extension of the sewerage within the catchment areas and to provide adequate wastewater treatment in accordance with Jordanian practice and regulations in Karak municipality. Collected and treated wastewater will be available for irrigation and contribute to save the scare water resource for drinking water.

The current situation of the sewerage in Karak is characterised by:

  • Poor condition of existing sewers in some areas;
  • Overcharged trunk sewers; and
  • Poor connection rate in parts of the town.

The project will improve the performance and efficiency of wastewater systems and enhance the capa­city of local utilities at the same time. With its achievements, it will contribute to improved living condi­tions of the population, to use more reclaimed wastewater for irrigation and furthermore to a more sustainable development of the municipality of Karak.

The Consultant shall elaborate a proposal for programme objectives and indicators based on proposed project measures, which can be used in order to monitor and assess the impact of the project including but not limited to implemented investments.

Based on the following outputs the success of the project will be evaluated (depending on cost estimations vs. available financing):

  • The proposed sewer systems are constructed;
  • Pumping stations are constructed, connected to the main collector and in operation;
  • The number of people connected/or having access to the sewer network;
  • Quantity of waste water collected and treated; and
  • The reduction of GHG emissions due to less transport of faecal sludge and better sludge treatment.

The Project "Water Resources Management Programme V - Karak" comprises four packages:

  1. Part of Manshivvet Abu Hammour and Mari Areas
  2. Part of Manshiyyet Abu Hammour, Thaniyveh and Karak Areas
  3. Part of Shabivveh, Salhivveh, Azizieh Part of Karak and Mari Areas
  4. Ader, Zahoum, Al Ghweir, Mschairfeh, Atlais + Scattered Areas

The works of the packages 1, 2 and 3 were elaborated in 2008 based on a feasibility study and a final design, completed in 2009 in the context of the project "Wastewater in Karak and Kofranja". For package 4, there is only limited information available and consequently conceptual, final design for package 4 is part of the tendered services.

The estimated funds available for investments under the project are approximately EUR 20 million and the project duration is estimated as 45 months (including 12 months of DNP).

Service description: 

The scope of work consists of four stages as mentioned below:

Stage 1: Review of Detailed Design and Tender Documents (including Concept & DD for Package 4)

Stage 2: Assistance During Tendering and Contracting

Stage 3: Supervision of Construction Works and Supplies

Stage 4: Assistance to PEA During DNP and Closure of project

Main tasks of the consultant for all four packages are mainly:

  • Support of overall management of the project
  • Review of existing documents (i.e. feasibility studies, baseline reports, design criteria, conceptual engineering, design reports, bill of quantities (BOO), ESIA etc.);
  • Update / Elaboration of final design and tender documents for all packages;
  • Hydraulic modelling of all networks especially the trunk lines to ensure adequate dimensioning
  • To carry out a financial analysis
  • To carry out the EIA according to KfW-regulations and to the Ministry of Environment and get their approval
  • Development and implementation of a household survey in the entire area
  • Elaboration of selection criteria for measures and elaboration of priority list of measures being constructed (to be approved by PEA and KfW);
  • Assistance to PEA in tendering and contracting for selected measures;
  • Supervision of construction works for selected measures;
  • Assistance to PEA during defects notification period of selected measures;
  • Support in ensuring the highest occupational health and safety standards;
  • Support in other project-implementing issues.

The objectives of the project are to improve the health and hygienic standard of the community of Karak by extending the system for collection of wastewater and thus protect the environment (i.e. groundwater) and the public health from pollution caused by the existing insufficient sanitation system.