About GOPA Infra

GOPA Infra concentrates on the provision and operation of sustainable infrastructures. Our core areas include Architecture & Urban Development, Transport & Mobility, Waste Management as well as Water & Sanitation. Particular technical know-how is used for specialised projects that deal with climate change, post-conflict situations and migration issues.

In October 2016, the company was created through the merger of GOPA Consultants' department Infrastructure Development and RODECO Consulting GmbH which was established in 1973. It thus builds on more than 40 years of experience and functions as an independent company within the framework of the GOPA Consulting Group.


Business Areas

Infrastructure in focus

Our themes include international cooperation, infrastructure investments, climate change, and management of project-related financing.
Below you find news and details from our work, the latest corporate information, developments in the sector and job opportunities.

Experts internationaux en eau potable
GOPA Infra recherche des experts internationaux dans le secteur de l’eau potable dans les disciplines de la supervision et du suivi des travaux (production, traitement, pompage, transmission,...
Experts en Gestion des Déchets Dangereux ou en Décontamination de Sites Pollués
GOPA Infra recherche des experts en gestion des déchets dangereux ou en décontamination de sites pollués pour un projet d’infrastructure multidisciplinaire et complexe en Tunisie.
Team Leader
GOPA Infra, a company of the GOPA Consulting Group, is looking for suitable candidates for team leader positions in projects in the Middle East. One focus is management and monitoring of public...