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Emergency rehabilitation of IDP housing in Western Georgia

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
825,045 €
Value of services: 
825,045 €
Start of project: 
December, 2011
End of project: 
June, 2016
Project description: 

The present housing facilities accommodating sizeable numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Western Georgia are densely populated, mostly lacking individual sanitation facilities, are generally in poor condition and severely in need of rehabilitation. The present standard of housing of the IDPs is considered well below the average living standard of the population in Georgia which justifies immediate intervention for amelioration.

Georgia has received a financial contribution from the Government of Germany through KfW Development Bank for the Emergency Rehabilitation of IDP Housing in Western Georgia. It is intended to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of the IDPs and to their integration into Georgian society.

The Consulting services shall cover two major fields of intervention:

A: Social Component

B: Technical Component

The objective of the envisaged project is to ameliorate the living conditions of the IDPs and to facilitate their integration into Georgian society by contributing to rehabilitation of the present accommodation facilities, partly supplemented by new construction where essentially required, and tentative new housing construction.

Service description: 

A: Social Component

  • support the Municipal Development Fund (MDF) in monitoring all aspects regarding the social component;
  • allocation procedures, proposals of integration measures, supporting and informing IDPs, etc.; and
  • assist the MDF in coordination of all activities under the Social Component with national or international NGOs.

B: Technical Component

  • support the MDF in all aspects of project implementation;
  • assist the MDF in day to day management of the project activities;
  • support the MDF in checking all survey and design documents prepared by national engineers/architects for compliance with technical standards and prepare respective review reports for the PEA and KfW;
  • assist the MDF in checking all tender documents for national or international bidding procedures, assistance to manage the tendering process, support the PEA in tender evaluation, prepare bid evaluation reports and propose suitable contract awards, all in compliance with the KfW procurement guidelines;
  • support the MDF in supervising construction works through regular quality and cost control; and
  • verification of contractors' invoices and preparation of payment certificates for executed works.