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German Credit Facility to assist the return of IDPs in Iraq (GCFI) - Management and monitoring consultant

Project details
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
7,311,875 €
Value of services: 
3,729,056 €
Start of project: 
December, 2017
End of project: 
December, 2020
Project background: 

Rebuilding territories liberated from terrorist activities constitutes a priority to the Iraqi Government as part of its overall objective of long-term recovery and stabilisation. Going beyond the facilitation of internally displaced persons' (IDP) returns, effective restoration of public basic service delivery is essential in order to prevent distributional conflicts in areas of high return, to re-establish meaningful state presence in liberated territories and to contribute to constructive state society relations in areas previously under terrorist control.

Service description: 

Development of monitoring systems (key tasks during inception phase)                     

  • Develop an internal GCFI communication protocol;                         
  • Develop standard GCFI project documents;                       
  • Design financial and technical monitoring systems;                       
  • Develop an environmental and social management framework;                 
  • Develop and implement a public information strategy und a grievance redress mechanism; and
  • Revise and update the GCFI implementation manual.                                                     

Implementation of monitoring systems (ongoing tasks throughout project implementation)                

  • Quality check of the assessment reports of public investment packages;                   
  • Social and environmental safeguard management, monitoring und safety and security risk management;      
  • Validation of monitoring of GCFI implementation by the technical consultants through the project management teams (PMTs) in the main sectors of the programme ; and
  • Support for overall programme monitoring and reporting.

Capacity building                             

  • Capacity building to ReFAATO;
  • Capacity-building measures of implementing line ministries (during inception phase & project implementation); and              
  • Guidance to line ministries regarding the implementation of the GCFI  und instructions provided by the SCAll services are to be described.

Major tasks of the management and monitoring consultant

  • Support ReFAATO (Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations) in setting up the monitoring system of the programme; and
  • Capacitate the PMTs at the relevant line ministries in their role as PIAs, especially prior to the engagement of the GCFI technical implementation consultants.

The overall objective of the GCFI is to contribute to the permanent return of IDPs to their home locations in Iraq. To this end the GCFI will support investments into the restoration of local economic and social infrastructure, through rehabilitation, construction or supply of equipment in safe municipalities in liberated territories of the governorates. The programme will cover interventions in the energy, water/sanitation, roads/bridges, education and health sectors, with an initial focus on energy, water/sanitation and roads/bridges (phase 1). The overall budget of EUR 450 million for sector interventions will be bundled into public investment packages of roughly EUR 50 million to 100 million each for implementation by relevant government ministries.