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Support of the Niger River Basin Organisation

Project details
Water & Sanitation
Project volume: 
399,595 €
Value of services: 
399,595 €
Start of project: 
October, 2016
End of project: 
September, 2018
Project background: 

The Niger Basin Authority (NBA) was created in 1980 in place of the "Niger River Commission". The objective of the organisation is to encourage interstate cooperation for integrated water resources management at the basin level, thus contributing to the regional integration. The NBA has developed a series of important documents, such as the Shared Vision (2005), the Water Charter (2008), the Sustainable Development Action Plan – ADAP (2008), the Investment Program (2008), the Strategic Plan (2012) or the Operational Plan (2012) which now define the framework within which the organisation operates. 

More precisely, the NBA is currently addressing issues such as joint basin-wide planning, facilitating the balancing of interests between countries for infrastructure development, support for member countries in their funding requests, as well as specific themes requiring responses at the regional level, such as silting of the river or climate change.

Although the NBA has important basic principles and policy documents, it is not yet in a position to fully fulfil the steering functions required to ensure sustainable development of the transboundary water resources of the Niger Basin. 

Project description: 

The GIZ project supports the NBA: German cooperation has been supporting the NBA since 2007. In 2010, the support took the form of a joint cooperation programme with contributions from BGR, KfW Development Bank and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). In the current phase, GIZ support is targeted at the following three areas of work:

  1. Water Charter
    • Development of a guide (manual) to ensure the quality of ESIA
    • Capacity building for the implementation of ESIA instruments
  2. Strategic and operational planning
    • Support for the development and implementation of an operational planning system
    • Support for the establishment and implementation of an M&E system (MES - Monitoring & Evaluation System)
  3. Cooperation and information exchange

The subjects to be addressed by the consultant fall within the working areas 1 and 2.

Service description: 

Ensuring the quality of environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)

  • Implementation and monitoring of ESIAs and ESMPs based on the products developed in the previous phases (annexes 1 and 3 of the Water Charter) and decisions on the NBA's project management
  • Use of operational environmental and social analysis tools to ensure the systematic quality assurance of ESIA, e.g. identification and upgrading of existing instruments p. ex POSE
  • Definition of benchmarks
  • Development of a manual to be used by the NBA
  • Training of staff in charge of ESIA


Optimise operational planning

Strengthening the capacity of the NBA to improve its three-year planning process through

  • Evaluation of existing processes
  • Planning system
  • Programming by objective (with budgetary declination)
  • Communication process with internal and external actors
  • Training

Establishment of a monitoring and evaluation system (MES)

Production of tools (also IT) for the implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system of the operational program taking into account the following aspects:

  • Performance measurement framework
  • Baseline situation
  • Evaluation
  • Organizational and reporting framework
  • Communication tools
  • Training